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Handmade in Orlando

Perfect Fit

Silk, Linen, and Cotton

Our masks are lovingly hand made in Orlando, Florida, with a focus on comfort and sustainability, in your choice of floral prints, silk, linen, and cotton fabrics


Your mask, your choice. Choose from our classic adjustable cord closure or super soft elastic loops. We recommend stocking up on a few of each ;)

silk inner linen outer.JPG.jpg
angled orange blossom masks

Choose our 100% silk lining option to retain your skin's natural moisture, and say goodbye to maskne. Treat your skin to the luxury you deserve

corded or elastic orange blossom mask

Featuring a contoured cut creating a better fit for wearing with glasses and sunglasses (because even if your vision is 20/20, you still gotta throw shade sometimes)

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Our Instagram followers get first dibs on mask restocks, so be sure to keep an eye on our stories ;)

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